THE GUIDING PRINCIPLES that reflect our internal identity, and are an integral reason for our success, are our core values. These values, embraced by senior management and accepted by our employees, will stand testament to the endurance and success of Harper Jenkins Scobie Enterprises.
CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – Above all else, we passionately believe in our customer’s satisfaction. This dedication to satisfaction begins with a clear understanding of their wants and needs, translates into flavorful, high-quality products and services and ends only when we have exceeded their expectations.
QUALITY – Our service products, and those products of our subsidiary companies, reflect our commitment to an exceedingly high level of quality excellence and translates into enjoyable and meaningful concept statements for our customers to enjoy, proudly wear and use. As dedicated professionals we continually quest for excellence in all that we do.
TRUST – We hold sacred the value of trust with our customers, clients, suppliers, distributors, licensees, and fellow employees. This value translates into transparent communication with our customers and clients and maintains confidentiality with sensitive customer, client, supplier, and distributors information.
CAREER DEVELOPMENT – The hallmark of our success is our staff. We believe in giving full consideration to every employee's career development through direct peer mentoring, formal training and increased responsibilities.
TEAM WORK – We believe in bringing together the most talented individuals our company has to offer to form a team that devotes its energy towards providing clients, and our subsidiary company customers, with the best quality products and services at their fairest price.
INDEPENDENCE – We foster an atmosphere of independent openness where employees are encouraged to present their ideas without undue restraint.
FAIRNESS – We believe in treating all customers, clients, vendors and co-workers in a fair and equal manner that builds long lasting, valued relationships.
ETHICS & INTEGRITY – We believe in dealing with our customers, clients employees, vendors,  and members of our community with the highest professional and personal standards of ethics and integrity.
LEADERSHIP – We believe management should not simply create the environment where the employee executes the action the executive desires, but rather that each executive should lead by example and be a coach and a mentor- fostering each employee to their maximum potential.