We were once asked, “What is the most significant thing that has happened in your lives.” Without hesitation, we looked at each other and answered, “Meeting you.” Then, a moment later, we changed our answer to having our children. After answering twice in a matter of moments we agreed to think for a week about the question and then discuss it again. A week later we both answered, “Being born in the United States.” And so, our journey towards the unencumbered, “Pursuit of Happiness” began.
Both born to third generation immigrant parents of modest means, we grew up in the southeast Bronx, each to good, honest, hardworking parents, who went to work every day so that they could provide us with a better opportunity in life than theirs. With limited resources, our parents raised us in apartments where, for the better part of her first thirteen years Susan had to share a room with her parents, and then with her brother for another three years, while Bob had to share a tiny bedroom with his three brothers until he left for college.
To make a long story short, we met when we were twelve, and have been together ever since. Over the years we planned our lives carefully, educating ourselves at every opportunity available always striving towards life’s “Pursuit of Happiness”. When our educations translated into good paying jobs with plenty of opportunities, it was at this point in our lives that we realized if we worked long hours and aggressively saved, we could achieve “The American Dream”. And work hard we did-each putting in upwards of 70 hours/week for the better part of three years. When the time was right, we took a giant step forward towards the pursuit of happiness by marrying, purchasing a home and starting a family.
Over the next twenty-five years, we continued to put in the long days, Susan, at home caring for and raising our four children and Bob advancing his career. Fast forward to grown children and an empty nest, we applied our professional and life experiences towards the founding of Southwest Beverages®. From the start-up experience (and failures) gained at Southwest Beverages®, over the next ten years we founded two additional companies, HJS Clothing® and Stuff For Everyone™, each subsidiaries of Harper Jenkins Scobie Enterprises. Today, we welcome new investment opportunities in the fields of consumer goods, clothing and home goods to sell products through distributors, retailers and online marketplaces.
Now that we have entered the Autumn of our lives, we can honestly say that we have achieved happiness. What is left is to form a charitable foundation to provide for those members of our society that need some assistance. The profits of the operating companies of Harper Jenkins Scobie Enterprises will be used to grow the company and fund this foundation.
While we have worked tirelessly throughout our lives, and have sacrificed much, Harper Jenkins Scobie Enterprises was realized by us taking advantage of all that “Being Born in America” had to offer.
God Bless America.
Susan and Bob Jenkins